Do you have your own technology and programs that need to be integrated into your new simulation program Simcenter? Then we can help you! The Dr. Binde engineers are not only specialized in working with the CAE applications of the NX and Simcenter software, but also adapt them to your wishes and requirements or expand them to ensure the best possible use for you as the user. We are happy to take on the integration of external solvers in the Simcenter environment as well as the writing of tools for the automation or expansion of pre- and post-processing tasks for you. Some examples follow.

NX Magnetics

MAGNETICS for NX or NX MAGNETICS is a FEM program that is fully integrated in Siemens NX and Simcenter 3D for calculating electromagnetic problems. The user can carry out both pre- and post-processing in the familiar environment and thus carry out complex electromagnetic analyzes without extensive training and time-consuming familiarization with a new system.

NX PERMAS Interface

PERMAS is a powerful FEM solver from INTES for solving complex calculation tasks. Its simulation options include statics, dynamics, temperature fields, fluid-structure coupling and non-linear calculation. The NX PERMAS interface developed by us allows the use of this solver with NX or Simcenter. I.e. Pre and post processing is done with all the powerful tools from NX and Simcenter, Solven is done with PERMAS.

Solve-Queue Manager

Solve-Queue Manager

The Solve Queue Manager developed by us enables FEM jobs to be calculated on a defined computer in the network, while the pre and post processing is carried out at the respective workstation.


 We are Solution Partner of Siemens Industry Software USA in the field of software and technology. 



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