1.4 Training Dynamic Response with Simcenter Nastran Sol107-112

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This seminar deals with the Simcenter Dynamic Response solutions, which allow calculation engineers to analyze excited vibrations.

Both the direct and the modal approach as well as analyzes in the time and frequency domains are discussed in more detail. Therefore the Nastran solutions SOL 107, SOL 108, SOL 109, SOL 110, SOL 111 and SOL 112 are examined in more detail and the methods for a successful application of these solutions are trained.

In this seminar only the linear dynamic solutions from Simcenter Nastran are dealt with. In the seminar "Advanced Nonlinear Methods with Simcenter 3D" the nonlinear solutions SOL 601/701, SOL 401/402 are explained.


2 days


- Basics of FEM analysis with Simcenter 3D (Pre / Post - FEM)

Participant groups

For good efficiency and to maintain confidentiality, all participants (1 to 8) are from the same company.


- Basics of dynamics
- How the dynamic solution strategies and limits work
- Differences between the Simcenter Dynamic Response and Simcenter Response Dynamics solutions
- Solution methods: direct and modal
- modal reduction
- damping (viscous, hysteretic)
- prestressed modal analysis (normal, complex)
- Types of boundary conditions for the forms of excitation
- Case studies for
     - transient excitation
     - frequency excitation
     - Random PSD simulation
     - Response spectrum function
- post processing

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