Overview of Training Courses

We have packed numerous important simulation options that are available at Simcenter into training courses. When it comes to the scope, we have mostly based ourselves on the respective license packages. Choosing the right training course is certainly not easy for you. So, just give us a call to discuss which training is right for you. The following is a structured list of the training courses we offer. If you select a link, the detailed description appears.

After selecting a link, the detailed training description follows below

3.2 EM Thermal Analysis with Simcenter NX-Magnetics

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2 days


This advanced course deals with the possibilities for temperature analysis with electromagnetic heat sources.

Most of them are electrical conductors that produce eddy currents and therefore heat up. AC alternating current or changing magnetic fields can be the triggers, but other heat sources can also be involved. In addition to the skin and proximity effects, material properties that change when heated must be taken into account. If the cooling by fluid is to be accurately predicted, the coupling of the electromagnetic with thermal and flow solvers is necessary.


- Basic training in EM analysis
- Knowledge of CFD and thermal simulation, e.g. the Solver ESC or Simcenter Thermal / Flow


- Temperature analysis or heating processes for electrical conductors, static and transient
- Skin effect and suitable meshes
- Calculation of Eddy Current Losses
- Calculation of temperatures with the MAGNETICS internal thermosolver
- Transfer of eddy current losses to ESC, Simcenter Thermal / Flow and external programs
- Definition of temperature-dependent material properties
- Definition of temperature fields as initial conditions
- Use of the MAGNETICS Plugin Solver in ESC or Simcenter Thermal / Flow