About us

Developing excellent products is still the best way to succeed at the market.
But like everywhere else, here applies the simple motto:

It has not only to be better but also faster and cheaper.

Dr. Binde Ingenieure GmbH is your experienced partner, if you want to save time and costs of product development in advance. Who optimized the characteristics of an early state of development, saves costly iterations and prototypes later - making it faster and cheaper than the competitors.

Take advantage of this competitive benefit for your success and trust in Dr. Binde Ingenieure GmbH as a specialist for "Predictive Engineering".
We convey our know-how to you and support you in integrating these technologies into your existing design process. 

But also for services related to Multibody Dynamics, FEM, CFD and EMAG analyzes, we are the right contact for you. 

As specialists for Siemens NX and the modules NX Advanced Simulation and NX Motion Simulation we offer all our experience and performance for your calculation and simulation tasks

– for linear and nonlinear structural analysis, Thermal / Flow and kinematic / dynamic simulation.

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